Advanced Barcoding

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Advanced Barcoding

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Advanced barcoding setup is completed under the Setup icon under the Advanced UOM and Advanced Barcoding tabs.  It is used when you plan to use a barcode scanner to scan items during the sales process or when you want to scan items during a stock transaction such as a stock adjustment or stocktake.


The primary barcode can be imported into Mobileezy from the Accounting System or entered directly into the Primary Barcode field.


When to Use Advanced Barcoding        When to Use Advanced Barcoding

Advanced Barcoding is commonly used in the following scenarios:

1.The primary product barcode will be entered directly into Mobileezy and not imported from the Accounting System.
2.Multiple barcodes for a single product line are required, for example when separate barcodes are provided for individual and multiple product quantities such as unit and box barcodes or inner and outer barcodes.

What is the Primary Barcode?        What is the Primary Barcode?

The primary barcode is that which when scanned will add a single unit of the product to the current transaction.  It can be imported from the Accounting System, entered directly into the Primary Barcode field in the Advanced Barcoding tab or imported into Mobileezy from a .csv file.

Entering the Primary Barcode        Entering the Primary Barcode

To enter the primary barcode directly into Mobileezy, do the following:

1.Set the system setting Allow import item primary barcode to false.
2.Close Mobileezy and then reopen it.
3.Under the Setup icon, select the Advanced UOM and the Advanced Barcoding tab. Click in the Primary Barcode field for the product you are entering the barcode for and enter the entire barcode. For EAN compliant barcodes this is the part of the barcode after the (01) and before the next number in parenthesis.
Screenshot of Entering the Primary Barcode
Enter the Primary Barcode


Note: To import the primary barcode directly from the Accounting System see Working with Barcodes.

Adding Additional Barcodes        Adding Additional Barcodes

Additional barcodes are entered into Mobileezy when there are multiple variations of a barcode for the same product.  The additional barcodes are entered in the Advanced Barcoding tab under the Advanced UOM tab in Setup.

1.Locate the Item for which you want to enter the additional barcode.
2.Click on the Right Arrowfor the item row.
3.Click on the New button.
4.Enter the additional barcode number and the unit quantity for that barcode.
5.Press the Save button.
6.Continue until all additional barcodes are added.
Screenshot of Entering the Additional Barcode
Entering Additional Barcodes

Importing Barcodes from a .csv File        Importing Barcodes from a .csv File

Barcodes can be imported into Mobileezy directly from a csv file.  This is particularly useful when you have a lot of barcodes to be entered during initial setup.

To import the barcodes:

1.Create a csv file in the following format:
2.Click on the Import button.
3.Click on the Import Barcode from CSV file button.
4.Browse to the file you have created and press the Open button.

Column Number

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Column 4

Data Type

Item Code

Carton Barcode

Item Barcode

Item Unit

Example Data





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