Activity Slips

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Activity Slips

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Using Mobileezy, you can keep track of time spent doing activities—both billable and non-billable. Activities are tasks or services, such as consulting and photocopying, for which you bill clients. You may also want to keep a record of non-billable activities, such as employee lunch breaks. Time billing activities are stored in the Activity List, which like the Items List and the Card File, is transferred from your accounting software data file into Mobileezy.

Activities are recorded individually on activity slips created on the Handheld device. You can record three types of information on an activity slip:

1.Customer information: billing name.
2.Activity information: activity name, billing rate, and total hours or units.
3.The Customer signature. (This information is optional.)

Time Billing also has a Timer feature which allows you to time your activities accurately and calculate your billable and non-billable hours easily. Completed activity slips are stored in Activity History. From the Activity History screen you can sort, filter, and retrieve historical activity slips.

Activity slips are used for recording time spent on activities, particularly time billing transactions.  A prerequisite for Activity Slip functionality is an MYOB backend.


When to use Activity Slips        When to use Activity Slips

Activity slips should be used when you want to record time billing transactions for activities that you do and have listed in your MYOB Activities List.  The activity slips generated from Mobileezy will import into the MYOB time billing system from which you will then generate Time Billing invoices directly from MYOB.

Profile settings for activity slips        Profile settings for Activity Slips

There is only one profile setting affecting the appearance of activity slips on the handheld device.

Profile Setting


Allow Activity Slips

Allows the creation of activity slips. (Defaults to No)

note:  Activity slips are not compatible with completing stock activities on the handheld.  If Activity slips are enabled, stock will not be available on the handheld device.

Creating activity slips on the handheld device        Creating Activity Slips on the Handheld Device

Activity slips are created on the handheld device from the Slips Tab.  To create a new activity slip:

1.Tap on the Slips tab and select New Slip
Screenshot of Starting a New Activity Slip
Tap New Slip
2.Select the customer by tapping on the Tap Here to Select Customer button and select from the cards list.
Screenshot of Selecting Customer
Select Customer
3.Tap on the Activity button and select the activity from the activity list.
Screenshot of Selecting the Activity
Select Activity
4.Enter the number of hours for the activity or press the Timer button to use the timer to automatically populate the quantity of hours (see using the activity timer).
Screenshot of Entering the Time
Enter the Time
5.Edit the billing rate if this needs to be changed (billing rates will depend upon the activity setup and the billing rate of the customer or employee on the activity slip) and enter a note about the activity if desired (the note will print on the Activity Slip and export to MYOB) and then press the Ok button.
Screenshot of editing the billing rate and adding a note
Edit Billing Rate and Add a Note
6.Tap the unsigned button to record a signature and then press Ok.
Screenshot of tapping the unsigned button
Tap Unsigned
Screenshot of capturing a signature
Capture Signature
7.Press Print to print the transaction or Ok to finish.
Screenshot of completing the transaction
Print or Finish

Using the Activity Timer        Using the Activity Timer

The activity timer allows you to use Mobileezy to automatically record the length of time spent on an activity by running in the background while you perform a task.  When the task is completed the timer is stopped and actual time automatically added to the activity slip.

To use the timer:

1.After adding an activity to the slip, tap on the timer button to go to the timer screen.
Screenshot of the timer button
Timer Button
2.To start the timer, either:
a.Press the Start button to start the timer from the current time.
Screenshot of the timer start button
Starting the Timer
Screenshot of the timer running
Timer Running
b.Tap on the Start Time field to enter a start time in the Set Time dialog.  Use the up and down arrows and the AM/PM toggle to set the time.  The timer will run from the selected time.
Screenshot of the entering a start time
Enter Start Time

3.To stop the timer press the Stop button.  This will populate the Finish Time field with the current time.  This can be adjusted by tapping in the Finish Time field and using the Set Time dialog to edit the finish time.  The total Billable time will be calculated from the Start and Finish times and the activity slip populated with this number.
Screenshot of the stopping the timer
Stopping the Timer
Screenshot of the entering the finish time
Edit the Finish Time
4.If you want to add non-billable time to the activity, use the up and down arrows adjacent to the Non-Billable Time field.  Non-Billable time will be subtracted from the total Billable time.
Screenshot of the adding non-billable time
Add Non-Billable Time
5.Press the Ok button to finish.

Running the timer in the background        Running the timer in the background

The timer can be left to run in the background while you use other parts of Mobileezy or a different application on your device.  This is done by simply putting the transaction into a WIP status while the timer is running.

1.After starting the timer, press the Ok button from the timer screen.
2.Set the transaction status to WIP and press Ok.
Screenshot of activity slip set to WIP
Set Slip to WIP
3.The timer will continue to run.  This is visible in the activity slip history.
Screenshot of running timer in activity slip history
Running Timer

Note: It is possible to have multiple timers for different activity slips running at the same time.

The activity list        The Activity List

The activity list is a list of all available activities imported into Mobileezy from MYOB.  It is accessed when adding activities to an activity slip and includes all billable and non billable activities.  There are two displays:

1. Price: Displays the activity list by activity name and the hourly charge.  Items showing n/a are either non-billable items, billed by the employee rate or billed at the customer rate.  This is setup in MYOB.
Screenshot of activity list displayed by price
Price Display
2.Item #: Displays the activity list by item #.
Screenshot of activity list displayed by item number
Item # Display

Activity Slip History        Activity Slip History

Historical activity slips can be viewed on the handheld from the Slip History screen.  To view slip history:

1.From the Slips tab, tap on the Slip History button
2.The Activity Slip History will display a list of historical activity slips.  The length of time slips are held on the handheld for is defined by your archive period.
3.Activity slips can be sorted by Date or Status by using the filters.
Screenshot of sorting the activity slip history
Sorting the History
4.The status indicator can be toggled to show the transaction status in the list.  A transaction prefixed with a * means the slip has not be synchronised to the Desktop Administrator yet.
Screenshot of toggling the status indicator
The Status Indicator

Exporting Activity Slips to MYOB        Exporting Activity Slips to MYOB

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