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About Mobileezy

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Mobileezy is a fully featured software system used for product sales and distribution.  There are three components to a standard Mobileezy software installation as well as a number of optional modules that introduce additional functionality into the system.

The standard components are:

1.Mobileezy Handheld Software – installed on a handheld or tablet device to be used by the remote sales force, storeman or other mobile staff.
2.Desktop Administrator – installed on a local PC or server and used for system administration and export to the Accounting System
3.The accounting link  – a link between the Desktop Administrator software and your Accounting System.


In addition to these standard software components, there are optional modules that can be added to your Mobileezy software to extend its functionality.

Container Tracking Module        Advanced Barcoding & UOM Module

This Advanced Barcoding & UOM Module  introduces two parts of additional functionality into the software:

1.Advanced Barcoding: Adds the ability to have multiple barcodes for a single product line and a quantity tracked against it.  This is primarily used when a single product line has different units of measure each with an alternative barcode, for example when a product is sold in both individual and carton quantities and the packaging is supplied with separate barcodes.  The module can be configured so that either of the barcodes can be scanned by the handheld user and the total number of units for that barcode will automatically be added to the sale.
2.Units of Measure: Enables you to scan weighed and labelled products to quickly collate the weight, number and price order details to complete the invoice process efficiently. At the order picking stage, Mobileezy will read the product label barcode that has captured the weight, item code, and price to then add each product to an itemised invoice. The module also allows you to capture the number of each weighed product your customers want to order. Additionally, to further streamline this process you may stipulate the approximate weight of product packs that may further enhance your order to invoice process.

Container Tracking Module        Consignment Module

The Consignment Module adds another transaction type to  Mobileezy allowing for the creation of consignment transactions.  Using this module, stock left at consignment locations is automatically recorded and when counted on a return visit, an invoice is automatically generated and stock replenishment or refill procedure triggered.  Stock levels are tracked using reporting so that it is simple to see where your consignment stock is located at any point in time.

Container Tracking Module        Container Tracking Module

The Container Tracking Module  adds the ability to track containers or bottles when an individual product is sold. The module allows you to assign container items against a content item in the Desktop Administrator so that when the content item is sold, the container is automatically tracked along with it.  The system will also trigger the remote staff to capture the number of returned containers during the normal sales process.  Using this system, it is simple to keep track of any container items left at customer addresses and also at your own premises and then generate reports on the location of your containers.

Mobileezy Desktop Order Entry System        Desktop Order Entry System

The Desktop Administrator is a separate application that is installed on a desktop PC and linked to the Mobileezy database and is used for viewing and editing transactions completed by handheld devices before export to the Accounting System, and also for creating new transactions and runlist visits.  It offers internal staff the same functionality as the Mobileezy Handheld Software, without the need for the handheld. The Desktop Order Entry System supports all sales transactions as well as stock transactions and allows office staff to view stock on hand, accounts receivable data, add transaction comments, use barcode scanning, enter payments and manage customer templates.

Item Properties Module        Item Properties Module

The Item Properties Module enables additional attributes to be assigned to line items such as product colour, size, style, date or serial number.  An additional tab becomes available under the Setup section on the Desktop Administrator, which allows you to assign additional attributes to line items that are then visible for selection on the handheld. From the Desktop Administrator, you can assign these additional properties to be compulsory for all transactions or only appear for invoiced items. You can also vary the display, print and type, and give each item property a title and description.

From the handheld, when that item is selected, an additional tab will appear when prompted to add quantity. This will split the order into the various item properties that you have assigned from the desktop.

The Item Properties Module supports the use of EAN compliant barcodes for item properties including Due Date, Serial Number, Use-By Date, Best Before Date, Production Date, Batch Number, Expiration date and Packaging date.  All can be used for keeping track of properties of products supplied to customers.

Picking Module        Picking Module

The Picking Module adds pick list functionality to the software.  This can be setup in either a warehouse or van picking mode of operation, each of these allows for an order to be raised, a picklist to be created and the order to be automatically converted to an invoice once the picking process is completed.

1.Warehouse Picking: In the warehouse picking mode, an additional tab becomes available in the Desktop Administrator under the transactions icon.  After an order request is raised by a handheld user or in the Desktop Order Entry System it is automatically converted into a pickslip for assignment to a another handheld user.  The picking process can then be completed using a barcode scanner and once completed it is converted to an invoice for export to the Accounting System or simply remains as an unfulfilled order for later processing.
1.Van Picking:  In this mode, the picking process is completed on a single handheld.  A user will create an order request on the handheld and then pick the order immediately from available stock.  Upon completing the pick, only picked items will be invoiced to the customer.  This process is often used by cash van companies.

Purchasing Module        Purchasing Module

The Purchasing Module allows for the creation of purchase orders on the handheld device and export of these through to the Accounting System.  An additional tab becomes available under the Transactions icon allowing for the view, email or export of purchase order transactions from the Desktop Administrator.  When used in combination with the Desktop Order Entry System, purchase orders can be raised directly or those created on the handheld can be edited prior to export to the Accounting System.

Run List Module        Runlist Module

The Runlist Module adds an additional icon on the Desktop Administrator allowing for the scheduling of pre-determined customer visits for field sales staff.  Runs appear on the handheld or tablets in order of visit, making it simple for drivers to see where they are heading. Selecting a customer from the run list will trigger a sales transaction, thereby speeding up the sales process. Once a sale or visit transaction from the run list is completed the visit will be marked off as visited on the handheld device.

The module includes both the simple run list system (easy date-driven scheduling) and the advanced run list system (rule-based scheduling). Customers with larger field sales teams typically use the advanced version, while smaller customers prefer the quicker, easier to manage, simple version.  The runlist module also includes two additional reports specific to the scheduling of visits.

Stock Module        Stock Module

The Stock Module adds an additional Stock icon to the Desktop Administrator allowing for the management of inventory across multiple locations including individual warehouses and individual vehicles. In its simplest application, the module is used to complete stocktakes and transfer stock between vans on the road. This module introduces 9 new transactin types used to manage inventory across the business.

The module is designed for both bar code scanning and manual selection of products and allows you to track in-transit stock; validate stock movements; report on accurate stock levels at all locations; perform stocktakes at any location (or vehicle) at any time; generate stock variance and adjustment reports; submit stock refill requests back to the warehouse or office and publish stock concerns to field sales.

In an advanced configuration, the Stock Module can integrate tightly with MYOB allowing for the export of stock transactions to MYOB and the import of MYOB stock locations.

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